Corporate Overview

Our guiding principles

At SMBC Nikko Capital Markets Europe GmbH we are committed to the following guiding principles that shape how we work and do business every day:

We provide expertise in the securities and derivatives  markets to our international customers

We strive for sustainable and balanced growth in our business strategies in order to make a steady contribution to the profitability and reputation of our significant stakeholders and business partners

We govern and execute our business with the highest integrity and follow SMBC’s organisational values in order to create an environment and culture that enhances our franchise and develops our employees

We manage risk in a prudent, proactive and professional manner in order to protect our stakeholders and their investments

SMBC Group Five Values

The below set of Five Values are established to guide the actions of all SMBC Group employees.


As a professional, always act with sincerity and a high ethical standard

Customer First

Always look at it from the customer’s point of view, and provide value based on their individual needs

Proactive & Innovative

Embrace new ideas and perspectives, don’t be deterred by failure

Speed & Quality

Differentiate ourselves through the speed and quality of our decision-making and service delivery

Team "SMBC Group"

Respect and leverage the knowledge and diverse talent of our global organisation, as a team

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